Asaki al-Zahra ~ London Belly Dancer

**Egyptian & Persian Style Belly Dancer**

About Asaki al-Zahra 

Asaki al-Zahra is a professional performer and an instructor known for her elegant and feminine style. Asaki has been trained as a belly dancer first in Tokyo  with Misa Kato and Kayou Aoki, then in Dublin with Moti (Iranian) & Vawn (South African) and in San Francisco with Jill Parker & in San Mateo with Helwa (U.S.A.) for over 10 years.

Teachers whom she has had lessons or workshops so far in UK include Sharlene Pratt, Hether Burby, Shona Hagan, Khaled Mohamoud, Serina Ramzy, Khaled Seif, Hadia of Canada, Yasmina of Cairo, Mia Serra, Amani of Lebanon, Amal Gamal, Jillina & Sonia from Belly Dance Super Stars, Eva Green and Shafeek Ibrahim. Asaki is always willing to learn different styles and techniques with teachers from all over the world!!

She has also completed Keti Sharif's A-Z Original Teacher's certificate course. Her favourite style is Egyptian Oriental Style but she also loves Persian (Iranian) dance as she has been trained in both Egyptian/Iranian dances.

Asaki has performed at various venues in London and beyond, including the collabolation with the UK Band Offlicence and American Hip Hop Star Fat Joe at the private function at Dorchester (as a guest member of  Layali Dance Company) to name a few. Since 2008, Asaki has formed an Arabian & Iranian dance Duo unit with Shaza. Asaki is currently one of the Levant group belly dancers (Levant, Pasha, Kenza) and regularly performs at Kenza restaurant.

Asaki holds weekly classes on Sunday at Expressions Studio in Kentish Town,(NW5) and on Friday at Fitness First in Bloomsbury (WC1) as well as Home visit Private lessons in English (so far North, North West &Central London Area ONLY; excluding one day workshop). Asaki also organises a Belly Dance Spectacle Show, Belly Dance Night Show in Soho every other month. For more details of private workshop & Gala, go to Belly Dance Night in Soho Page.

Her classes aim to help her students enjoy an amalgamation of Body, Mind, and Spirit, and thus appreciate the Healing Power of Belly Dance. Another aim is to help participants get in touch with not only their feminine side but also their sensual self by learning the sensual beauty of Belly Dance. She is also very keen on helping her students attain the right posture for dance.

If you are interested in her classes /private lessons or would like to hire her, please contact her on via email from the "Contact Asaki al-Zahra" page.