Asaki al-Zahra ~ London Belly Dancer

**Egyptian & Persian Style Belly Dancer**

Charity Belly Dance Gala for JAPAN

<Gala Tickets on-line Donation>

To donate £6.50 per person, please click the link below. Please note that since the venue can take only up to 100 peoople, only 80 advance tickets will be sold to allow some space for dancers. If tickets/donation get sold out before the event, nofitication will be displayed on this page, but otherwise there should be tickets on doors available on the day. You can also inquire directly Jet Lag Bar ( to check if there are spaces just before the event by phone. They also sell the Advance tickets (£6.50) for Charity Belly Dance Gala for Japan over the phone so you can buy them directly from the Jet Lag Bar (Tel: 020-3370-5838 or 07775-893-256). The Minimum Donation per person on Doors is £10. Thank you!

There will be a small fun auction where Ozgen will auction his private lesson (max. 2 people), a bottle of Champagne and my next 5 weeks course. The prices start from less than half of the value so you could get yourself a bargain!!

Thank you for those who have supported this cause. We have manage to raise nearly £900 from this event.


Please note that Jet Lag Bar has decided to open up the function room that we had hired for this event from 5-10:30pm to the general public till 6pm BECAUSE OF MAN U vs CHELSEA match.  That measn we are unable to open the doors at 6pm on dot. It will be 6:30pm earliest. 

The names and weblinks of the professional dancers who have kindly agreed to perform for this event are as follows;

Ozgen, Farah Nasri, Saeeda, Isa, Vlada, Amalura, Tara

Semi-professional solo dancers/Students Group dancers include;

Asuka, Ayumi, Elodie, Illana, Hazuki, Itsumi, Nicola, Masami, Nana, Narumi, Yuka,  Yuko, Rie. 



Q: Can I bring children? A: Yes you can but they must be accompanied by adults.

Q: What time does the performance start? A: There will be 2 sets of shows. The 1st half starts around 7pm. It may be slightly delayed but it should start by 7:15 or so. The 2nd half of the performance starts around 8:30pm. There will be a short break (30 min or so) between the 1st one and the 2nd one.

Q: Can I donate extra money on the day? A: Yes you can and that would be most appreciated. There will be an extra donation box at the reception.

Q: Can I get refund if I cannot make it? A: Unfortunately no. Even if you cannot come to the Gala on the day or for any other reasons, there will be no refund.

Q: Where does money go? A: All the money (not "profit." No expences will be taken from the donation apart from the 10% booking fees automatically takes) will go to British Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal.

Q: Are dancers professional or amateurs? A: Most dancers will be highly trained profesionals. There will be some students groups and solo dancers performing but none of them are beginners and almost all of them are good experienced dancers. There will also be a live Darbucka (drum) player plaing throughout the show.